Orthomosaic Tiff Export

I have Drone Geo Referenced Tiff that imports and displays correctly according to my Site Calibration, however my Site Calibration is a modified grid factor from State Plane.

Is there a way to Export that Tiff to be geo referenced by Lats/Longs to appear in the correct location on ArcGIS and Google Earth?

The orthoimage exporter retains the coordinate position and is calculated in (meters), If this export had a setting option to export off Global;Lat/Long like the shapefile exporter, I believe it would solve the issue.

I have also tried the “Capture Image” Command, However this now creates large visible background areas outside of my drone imaging due to the plot box or screen capture that display in the ArcGIS and Google Earth.

Please let me know if I am missing something

I’m having some success exporting an image from a calibrated site as a .tiff and then importing into Google Earth. It appears to show up in the correct location. I cannot speak for Arc GIS. You’ll have to keep your text file with coordinates in the same file location as the .tiff, of course.

The background Black / White is a factor of the image format selected. JPG cannot do transparency so you have to use TIF or PNG to get transparency and then you may need to set that Black / White is a transparent color in the Options - Images function. You will then need to have that background color set in TBC

This image was created using Capture Image in TBC to generate a PNG / PGW file with the KML sidecar that allows it to open in Google Earth - you can see that there are no white areas around the image - The image in Paint looks like it has a white background - but the white must be transparent in the capture process for png files.


In terms of exporting the images in the correct world position, that should be possible - we have done some work with this for our Earthworks exporter that worked really well for a project in Africa - creating really high quality imagery - I hope that sometime soon we can implement that as a command for the main stream user community too.