Original Ground Site Improvement Shortcommings

Why are OG improvements lacking normal site improvement (SI) features?

-Their values are not totaled in takeoff reports
-There is no way to use Label SI command on them (even though they are highlighted when command is open)
-Their boundaries do not interact with topsoil stripping area, so you have to draw separate boundaries for stripping around OG SI areas or else both the OG SI depth and the stripping depth are applied.

I will never understand why year after year Trimble comes out with new obscure and small use case features while refusing to fix, correct, optimize or add to the basic core tools of TBC. There are so many things that could be done to improve existing tools that I have totally lost hope on ever being fixed. You’d think it’d easier to fix and improve existing tools that would actually greatly improve user productivity and reduce user frustration, than make brand new tools nobody is asking for…


Hi Mark, I will report and try to get some of those addressed.

Mark I 100% agree
Wish we could get a simple way to print also

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Looking at your questions relating to OG and Demo Quantities

  1. Why are the values for Demolition not totaled - Good question - not sure can answer that, it does provide you the individual areas and breaks out the different material quantities, just doesn’t sum them up for you. I guess that is an oversight. If you do this with our Volumes Manager you will get exactly what you are asking for here.

  2. You can use the Create Text command and use Smart Text - Object Based with codes as shown below to label the Site Improvement Names if the automated tools cannot be applied

Demo Area: @<OD,O,SI>@
Region Name: @<OD,O,RI>@
Subgrade Depth: @<OD,O,MT>@

Our Site Improvement Legend Command can also be used to create Legends on the drawings that show the Site Improvement areas and material thicknesses.

  1. Use the Track Region Command and use the Merge holes to boundary function to create the Topsoil Strip Area and exclude the Demolition Areas - that is pretty easy to do and gives good results

We are spending an enormous amount of time at Rockpile, and we now have 3 Full Time Developers working on exactly what you are asking for - our upcoming release further enhances the Data Prep / Modeling process for Takeoff from PDF and automates the Joining, Relayering and Elevating of lines extracted from PDF as well as provides faster ways to elevate lines in different ways. We continue to work on improved ways to work with CAD and PDF extracted Data to make TBC better, Faster and Easier to use for Takeoffs.

While I know you want TBC to be improved by Trimble - and I know that you don’t see why you should pay a company like Rockpile for these types of enhancements, however our annual subscription is still less than an annual warranty from Trimble and I think currently you would get more value every day from what we have to offer in terms of productivity gains and work process improvements.

If you do not want to do that I totally understand, but in that case you are complaining in the wrong place, and I am not sure what you want to achieve by doing so - we are doing what we can to help here, but I understand your point of view entirely - I cannot change what Trimble is doing / not doing to help you, I can only personally invest heavily in Rockpile to achieve what we want to achieve and to help those users that want our help and assistance.

We are here to help you if you want our help