OldPlanView vs PlanView

Not sure what the difference between these two commands are? They both open plan view and seem to do the same thing.

It would be great if the “not Old Plan” view would rotate.

The Old Plan View I think is a bit of legacy that never got removed. It goes back 15 years to when we added the Hoops Graphics to speed some things up - I think at the time we left the Old Plan View there for people that may have anted the way the old one worked - however I guess it never got cleaned out after 15 years - I cannot imagine using it.

The Rotate View function is on Trimble’s list - we cannot solve that one as it needs a change to the way the Graphics library works and we cannot control that.The best we could do would be to compute a Rotation and origin and rotate the data and then later unrotate it - that would screw up the coords somewhat while editing, but would get the graphics skewed but later would be able to reset the graphics - it is a hack but would work - Is that something that would be helpful - we could make it somewhat dynamic in that it would remember the start point and allow you to change the skew angle any time and rotate the view (all data) and eventually reset to no skew to get back to the original data.

You can do this today but it is a manual process and you could get “lost” whereas a dedicated tool could solve this but without having Trimble Take care of it?

What do you think?


I just wish the plan view would stop doing that thing where the lines get thick and you have to open a new plan view. It’s been happening to me a lot lately. I’m usually on planview9 by lunch time

I would enjoy having a monitor turned vertical and using float view on the vertical screen. Some projects seem to look good rotated. One day