Object Reference Not Set When Printing

Hello. I am new to printing in TBC and when I am test printing my sheet sets I keep getting this message. Anyone know what I am doing wrong here?



possibly there is no dynasheet/plot box reference to the sheet sets???

I think that was it, got it working now. Thank you!

Hard to tell without the project to look at and being able to reproduce your exact steps to see what is causing the error

If they are plan sheets have you added a dynaview collection to the properties of the sheet set before you vuikd sheets - if not rhat could be what is causing the issue. Same for sections or plan profile they need to be referenced to a coreidor in the properties of those sheet types.

If you are doing a custom sheet set then you need to create sheets below the Sheet set and place the drawings on the sheets not the sheet set - it wont let you print a custom sheet set level only the sheets within the sheet set - that could also be the issue.


Are you running print plan set ?

I was trying Plan and Custom. I cleared everything out and started over with my template. I was able to get it to work the second time. Thank you.