New Smart Join Command - Releases Next Week

The much awaited Smart Join Command releases next week - we are just adding the trimmings to what is a Game Changer command for not just joining but also fixing PDF Vector data and many CAD data problems encountered while joining linework - Gaps, Overlaps, Offsets, Crossings are all managed automatically and we have saved all of the Zoom In / Zoom Out and the need to pick the correct end of lines - you can join at both ends in any order or sequence and Auto Join complete data selections into Multiple lines in seconds.

This command will save you hours of time EVERY WEEK and on EVERY PROJECT. Combine it with Geometric Selection and our Optimize Linestrings - you can turn chorded curves into arcs (eg for ponds and roads) while reducing nodes and take full control of the surface modeling and densification - the higher quality linework we create will improve Takeoff accuracy as well as speed of computation and reduction of common errors that can trip up volume computations.

Check out this 10 minute video for the highlights - the Command support page will be released early next week with the command.

We think you are going to LOVE this one!



This is just the type of innovation I was hoping to see from you all. Can’t wait for it to be available! Cheers,