New Layer Control goes from strength to strength

The RPS New Layer control got better again overnight, even tighter integration with the Takeoff functions of TBC. You can now fire up the MSI manager from the New Layer Control to define Materials and Site Improvements that you want to assign to the layer you are creating - so all at the same time you can now

  1. Create the layer and layer properties - and we also fixed the Layer protection flag not working
  2. Create New Layer Groups for the new layers if you need to
  3. Assign the Takeoff Category for the layer (Existing, Design etc.)
  4. Assign whether the layer will contain potential Site Improvement Boundaries or not
  5. Assign a Site Improvement association for the objects to be created on the layer
  6. Fire up the MSI Manager to create Materials and Site Improvements if you need something extra

Awesome time savers - all we have to do now is fix all of the RPS TMLs to have the New Layer Control …