Network Adjustment - Curvature Correction Error

We were asked to look into a problem for a contractor trying to process a set of manually recorded total station observations for a many station control network. At first we were looking at processing a Traverse around the control points, but they had also measured cross braces so the only way to process those is to use either a series of loop traverses or to process all of the data using a network adjustment.

When we started to use the network adjustment, TBC said it would not process the Network because of the following error

So we looked everywhere we could think of to find the setting that was causing the error - it is not in Options or Project Settings, but with the help of Joe Blecha at Trimble we got to the bottom of it (Thanks Joe).

In the TBC Project Explorer there is a section called Imported Files. In that section you will find a File called Keyed In Total Station File, under which you will find the points of your Network, under which you will find the Setups and Observations made. All of those have properties that you can use to adjust the way that the network gets computed.

Select the stations of your network and you will be able to find a Property in the property pane called curvature correction - change that to Yes for all the stations (You can group select and change all stations in one pass).

Now in the Network Adjustment you want to clear the adjustment and that will then re read the station setups and observations and clear the error message we have been seeing.

Now you can enter any Network Adjustment Parameters and then Adjust the Network

Hope that this helps