MyRockpile Library - Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal - MyRockpile Library

Beginning at the end of 2022, Rockpile Solutions is moving to a new training library delivery platform on Absorb. This new software and platform offers many advantages for end users, but also for large groups looking to gain individualized monitoring and feedback on their usage and progress through training.

Introducing the MyRockpile Library Corporate Portal!

Team progress through training can now be tracked through the use of the Corporate Portal add on to our traditional Corporate Season Pass. We recommend this option for all teams of 10+ people, as it gives you advanced insight into what your team utilizes in the training portal, what progress they are making, and more.

We believe that our training platform has a lot to offer, and we feel that the Corporate Portal option allows you to maximize the benefits for your individual members of your team, but also for your company as a whole.

Absorb tells us that LinkedIn Learning’s “2019 Workplace Learning Report” found that learning at work can reduce employee stress and turnover.

Help your team become its best today, through adding on the MyRockpile Library Corporate Portal!

Pricing Guide

MyRockpile Library Corporate Portal - $2500
MyRockpile Library Corporate Portal+ with Technical Support - $3950
Training Season Pass per seat 6-10 - $400
Training Season Pass per seat 11 and higher - $375

Inquire for more details and accurate pricing for your team: