Multi Offset Line - Drawline Option

Suggestion - add the ability to draw a line as the source line, and have the currently selected template automatically apply as appropriate. The draw functionality should mirror the functionality of the quick line command so as not to snap to unwanted elevations. The new line should also have the option to be included in the surface. This would eliminate the step of editing an existing line for elevation or entering a line from scratch, then having to separately run the multi-offset command.

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Would applying it at the end of drawing the line be better- ie in Takeoff Lines you could add an option to draw multiple offset lines using a Template thT is defined and it work the same way as add to surface works ie you draw the line then when you say New or you close the line it applies the multi template and optimizes - the challenge with doing it in real time is that it has to know the corners and if you use grips to move the source around it has to recompile and re optimize - so drawing first and applying at the end of the process I think would be faster and easier to implement if we decide to do that - if this was done I think adding a defined template and picking left or right side at time of drawing would make sense and leave Multi Offset as it is for apply to existing lines and multiple lines and station ranges

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Yes… I imagined that after the Apply/New/Enter etc the selected template would be applied. Real time would be nice but I don’t see the real advantage (juice probably not worth the squeeze).

Also, it appears the elevation isn’t picked up with CAD circles. Workaround: convert to a Linestring via the edit or TML, the template is then applied as expected.

I have a test version that solves the circle question - we are making a few other improvements at the same time and will release shortly

Thanks for the feedback