Modeling Gaps at Skewed Bridges With TBC Corridors

This is the second post on the subject of modeling gaps at Skewed Bridges with TBC Corridors.

In this example we show you how to

  • Draw a boundary around the bridge area defined in a TIN Model using the RPS Quick Line command
  • Adding the Sharp and Texture property to the line
  • Add the boundary line as a Surface Member to the Corridor TIN Model
  • Add a Null texture to the surface to null out the triangles inside the boundary line
  • Create a Corridor Model and add the surface to the Corridor as a Surface Instruction
  • Use the RPS Define Extra Stations command to create extra calculation locations for the Corridor Earthworks Report to pick up the skew areas of the bridge approach and departure.

The alternative approach to this is to create boundary lines around the corridor elements that approach and depart from the bridge and add those as Surface Boundaries to the TIN Model, however in this situation I believe that the approach above is quicker and easier to implement.