Menu Manager Command

D_MenuManager_600ppi   Menu Manager

Command Licensing and Default Menu Location

  • The Menu Manager command is part of the RPS Core Tools Toolbox
  • The command is located on the Tool Shed macros menu ribbon
  • The command is located in the Core menu group

Command Description

Provides a simple and easy way to switch menu configurations from a light theme to a dark theme. The dark theme is easier on the eyes for those long days of clicking and pointing.

Command Interface Description

The Menu Manager command dialog looks as follows

Color scheme:
Select the color scheme that you require for the menus. The Default scheme is the Light Grey scheme of Trimble Business Center, the Dark scheme is the medium grey color scheme that was used in the Traditional (Business Center - HCE) color scheme. In both cases we utilize the same icons for the commands.

Remove RPS menus button:
Click here if you wish to remove the RPS Macro menu ribbons from your setup. This will rmove the R-Data Prep, R-Modeling and R-Tool Shed menu ribbons.

Reset RPS menus button:
Click here if you wish to restore the RPS Macro menu ribbons to your setup. This will create the R-Data Prep, R-Modeling and R-Tool Shed menu ribbons and place all of the TMLs on the correct menus and in the correct locations (menu groups etc.).

Executes the command and closes on completion

Video Demonstration

The following video shows how to utilize the Menu Manager command

Feedback and Enhancement Requests

If you would like to provide feedback on the use of the Menu Manager command or to request enhancements or improvements to the command please Click Here