Machine Control Linework Issue

Im having an issue when exporting machine control files “svd, svl, dsz”. All of my linework is joined within my TBC files but after exporting the machine files all the linework is broken into roughly 300’ segments. Im running version 2023.10 TBC. Is this a version issue or some kind of setting im missing?

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I’ve noticed the .svl segments broken at random locations after reimporting them to TBC. This does not seem to have any effect when using them in the pavers, however. The paver can follow them as if they were one continuous segment. I’ve always been curious as to why they are being segmented though.

@Chris_Bayliff has the answer for you! He just helped another customer with this last week.

Do you know if a stringless curb machine would have a similar lack of concern for broken segments? We are going 3D soon with our curb this is a concern I didn’t know I needed to have


That is normal - the machine does not see those breaks you only see them in TBC when you import the data back in.

The Machines do the following

The design model is broken into squares

The machine knows where it is so it knows I am in Square X

The design data that the machine has in memory at any given time is the Square it is in plus the squares around it 8 additional squares, so no matter if it moves forwards, backwards or sideways or diagonally there is always data ahead of it / behind it if reversing. When a machine changes square, the design reloads automatically to the new set of 9 squares that are needed and so on

This is why the SVD / SVL lines are broken up as they are. The machine looks at the line and its square boundaries and knows that the line crosses the boundary and heals the break automatically

The only time that a break is a problem is when there are two lines that cross - the machine does not know now whether to follow the line Ahead or left or right so you want to avoid crossing lines in the SVL / DSZ files examples are eg were you have alignment labels and you have tick marks in the line file that cross the alignment - that is not a good thing - break the Ticks using Crop Crossing so they have a gap left and right of the alignment and nothing that crosses the alignment.

Hope that this helps - if you are seeing issues on the machine itself then we need to look at what is causing the issue - if you imported the files back into TBC and are seeing the issue and think that it will cause an issue - it is not a problem. The SVL importer should really re heal the lines because it knows they are broken - it does not do that however and this typically causes the question that you are asking here


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No issue to worry about Tyler - this is normal - see my response earlier

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Does that efect for grader sideshift ? If all lines are broken in segments, than an operator have always to chose new line(segment) for auto sideshift.

We had an issue with that. We ran the Gomaco set-up with Trimble. If you offset from inside the design, the line direction will not always stay consistent because of broken segments. For example, if you have to run offset 1’ to shift the machine to the right side after going into the next segment, if the line direction of the current segment does not match the previous segment direction, the machine will shift 1’ to the left.
It was causing significant issues for us.
The workaround is to offset the travel direction from the sensors on the machine, not on the design part.
As a rule of thumb for a concrete pour, I always ensure my line is joined properly; it looks like .svl breaks between straight segments and arcs. If you export the line as .dxf and bring it back to TBC, it will chord the arcs on the line. After that, if you export that line as .svl, the line will always be connected on the TBC side, and the line direction of all the segments will match on the machine side.


Thank you for the great response. There are only crossing lines at CL where station label ticks cross, but the machines both earthworks and gcs are seeing breaks throughout the whole project where my lines are joined within tbc.