Linking Mass Haul Multiple Alignment together

Is there a way of linking multiple mass haul alignments together to determine the hauls from one alignment to another

Some alignments run` North / South and other alignments would run East /West

Then output this directly to Tilos so they appear as subprojects to determine the exact free haul from one alignment to another?

The only way to link alignments together is to create exports or imports at the point at which the material should leave one alignment and enter the second alignment - normally you balance the main line first and then the side lines second and if the Main line has an excess of suitable material you can make it an export from the main line and an import to the side line at the point where the alignments intersect - If the chosen location for the export screws up your main line mass haul, you may need to pick a different location for it to export from and then haul it back to the side alignment by connecting it using a Haul Road i.e. create an export, and then make a borrow pit for Alignment 2 at the same location with the Exported amount of materials and connect that with a Haul Road back to Alignment 2 - that way your mass balance flow for Alignment 1 still works and you can provide the material exported to 1 or more side alignments.

TBC Mass Haul does not do a Network Analysis - it does a single alignment analysis and then you connect side roads using these methods of Export / Import or Export and then create a Borrow and Haul Road to connect back to where you need the exported material.