Label Mangers - Label Runs and Nodes

I just found out that you can use the label manager to automatically label pipe runs and nodes. The only downside is there is some fields missing. Is there a way to call on these like we can with smart text?

If not, can we put pressure on the TBC team because this would save a ton of time when labeling data for design and QA/QCing. #automation

Fields missing:

  • ** lines/run**
    • name
    • material
    • start elevation
    • end elevation

Options missing

  • position of label

    • beginning - label invert
    • middle
    • end - label invert
  • ** nodes/points**

    • rim elevation
    • material
    • height

Math equations as well are necessary.

The other advantage is this is linked to the nodes and pipes so if something is moved, the label also moves.

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@Erik_Petersen @Joseph_Torres1

Really nice work @Plheureux.

I think we have to connect and talk, where are you situated? E-mail address?


New Hampshire

feel free to give me a call as well 603-340-2578