Label Line Slope With Flow Arrow

Hello. Is there any tools in TBC / RPS that would allow you to not only label the slope of the line, but also allow you to plot a direction of flow arrow alongside?

Either up stream or down stream as an option. Coming from the another cad package we were able to label line slopes with arrows on gutter line as-built plans for the engineer to easily tell what direction the water was flowing. The positive or negative slope is fine while working in TBC because the user can tell the direction of the line string, but when plotting the flow arrows are a great visual indicator.



We will try to add that to our upcoming label lines tool release, however if you use the reverse line function and change your line directions so they are all downhill then when you label the text will read left to right in the direction of slope. In your slope label add -->> to the start and or end of the text label and that should then show

–>> -2.0% -->>

For example , I think this should work - cant say i have tried it.


Thanks Alan. I know your busing working on the update. I have a few things I am thinking of. Maybe we can catch up once the update is out.

You might run through this thread. It’s not exactly what you wanted but might prove useful


Agreed. Smart text needs to support conditional statement for negative/positive slope. This way it is dynamic.

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