Keeping Rockpile Up To Date

This is our most frequent support issue so I thought I would post about it today

When you update TBC it resets the read write access to the macro folders to Read Only - it has been doing this since 2023 versions.

This means that TMLStatus can no longer Read / Write data to the folder which is why it says Files not found on server.

So you need to do the following to rectify

  1. save your work
  2. close all instances of TBC
  3. wait 30 secs for TBC to release all program functions
  4. go to and select Downloads Page
  5. download the version of our installer package suited to your TBC version (5 8 and earlier or 5.9 and later)
  6. install the installer package
  7. restart TBC

TML Status can now be used again to keep your installation up to date until next time you do a TBC update. When you do that then repeat thos process.

Trimble says that they plan to fix this so that we can have our own custom installation folder for commands that we create that they will not touch during their installs, we have no timeline for that at this stage but we will take advantage of that when that is provided.

Since our 2023.11 version is compatible with 2024 we have not done a 2024 release specifically for 2024 at this stage, however we do have a 2024 package coming soon with more improvements etc.