Issues with TBC 2023.10 - Logging Out

Is anyone having issues with TBC logging out on them? Once or twice a week TBC randomly logs me out. I have to log back into TBC with Trimble ID and then go to Support / License Manager, click on apply and re-enable the subscription license.


It does happen to me but much more infrequently, twice a month probably

Same here once or twice i week i need to log back in .

I’ve been having to log back in, however I don’t have to touch my license manager. I use a hardware key though which may be why

I get logged out at least twice a week. I also use a hardware key so I don’t have to do anything to my license manager when it happens.

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I have the same issue getting signed out multiple times a week and have to re-enable my subscription license.

Happens 2 times a week. very annoying.

Yes the same happens to me with a network license so I need to refresh in the manager. About once a week, typically on Friday. Also seems to coincide with needing to re-log into works manager and other TID applications with 2 factor identification.

yes same here but i dont notice it until i do something that requires TBC services like background map because i use a hardware key as well

I am not sure this is the same issue but I encounter my licensing disappearing multiple times a day, often right in the middle of running a command. Not sure if it’s a network license issue, too many users, or a Trimble issue but it difficult to deal with for certain.

hardware key and never look back :wink:


The worst is mid drone flight process… than you have to start over