Is it possible to attach the end area calculations from the template editor to the printable cross section view?

I am working on a very large highway project (24 miles in mountainous terrain) where I am also utilizing a drone, but sadly propeller doesnt do stationing in order to show how close we are to finish slope. So I figured I could just utilize cross sections in TBC with every new flight comparing the surface generated acting as the “OG” against the Finish in a basic corridor model. A quantity between each station of remaining cut/fill to design is what I am looking for upon the creation of the actual cross section template itself is what I am looking to do.

I would consider myself a newbie still to trimble volumetrics having mostly relied on AGTEK up until this point so if any of my terminology is wrong I can elaborate with photos if need be.

You would have to draft it via cross sections which it looks like you are. In Cross-section Labels, create a new section label. under label , push the 3 dots and you can add these

Cut Area: {totalcut}
Fill Area: {totalfill}

Then adjust the settings to make it fit


is this what you’re looking for?

Yes! Is there a way to only include the quantity from one side or do you need to edit the surfaces for that?
Screenshot 2023-03-30 152229

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Yes, you’d have to create two different corridors for x-sections and clip the surface down the middle.

Each volume area of a different type can be reported separately in the sections, however for Cut and Fill you can only generate that between two surfaces - Original Ground and (Road) Finish - so as Eric says you would likely need to generate a corridor for Left and a corridor for right side of the model

You could possibly generate them as subgrades by adding surface instructions to your corridor to get them all in one set of sections but I would likely need to look at the data to see what was possible there.