International Foot Project Templates

This morning I had a call from a user that was starting out on an International Foot project. They started a TBC project using the standard “Read Only” International Foot Project Template. They imported an Alignment from a LandXML file that was written in International Foot units. The alignment came in fine.
They then labeled the alignment with the default settings in that template and the stationing of the alignment that started at ~300000.00 was labeled with values like 300000.63. The stationing error (0.63) increased with distance along the alignment.

The issue turned out to be the Alignment Label Settings in the template (Project Settings - Abbreviations - Alignment Labels) - it displayed the Major Intervals as 100.000 which on the face of it looks fine, however in the project these values are actually stored to many decimal places, so in the 567 decimal place that they could not see in settings there were digits other than 0s - my guess is the person that created the template built it in US Feet and then changed the units without realizing the issue would arise.

The fix was to simply type 100 in the interval and OK and that addressed the issue all the labels fixed themselves and they were good to go.

I told them to update the Template - however it is read only so you have to create a variant of the template i.e. International Foot (Rockpile) or similar and remember to use that one instead of the Trimble one. You can also delete the Trimble Template from the TBC Default Project Templates folder if you don’t want it to happen again at a later date.

The Default Project Templates are stored in this path

C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Business Center\Support\en-US

You can make a copy of the International Foot templates in your project Templates Folder and name them with e.g. Original Name-AS.vct, then edit them in TBC and save them as a template and then copy them back to the above path to fix them.

Below are fixed versions of the Templates if you need them

International Foot Scale Only.vct (43.9 KB)
International Foot.vct (43.8 KB)
Utility International Foot.vct (600.2 KB)

Copy them into the above path and replace the files that are there - you will need admin privileges to do this as it is a system folder location.


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