Interested in purchasing a TBC USB Key

I’m interested in purchasing a TBC - USB key for my 14 year old daughter. She really likes construction & modeling and has been using my computer at nights when I let her. The issue is… I also want to keep using my computer at nights because I’m still working and practicing on data. Yesterday I had a Sitech dealer tell me that there are USB keys for sale out there like on ebay or something. I could get a Trimble subscription but to do takeoff and modeling, it’s like $3,800 / year and I can’t afford that just for something for my daughter to learn. She isn’t going to make money building models. Well, I guess she could but probably not until she’s good at it and that would take a while. So if you have a TBC - USB key you aren’t using anymore please let me know. Will gladly buy it. Thanks! Trev

You can do a lot with BC-HCE v4.1 with no license at all.

i know that there are student licenses for sketch-up and its probably high time Trimble does something similar with TBC. Hard to be the industry leader if you don’t have the youth learning on it…have you asked Trimble real nice? And somebody needs to start that conversation…seems like they could lock out the export functions and your daughter could model to her hearts content.
Another option is beating on your sitech guy for a whole bunch of 10 day codes :wink:


Thanks buddy. Trimble / Sitech called today and did exactly that. They are going to give her a trial code and if she shows her work / proves herself and her learning then she could potentially earn another code. Really cool idea. Certainly a lot less expensive. Everyone at Rockpile, Trimble & Sitech has been very supportive. Makes me really happy for her and I’m going to give it my best shot to help her if she wants to learn.


Build the foundation for the future!


That is great news, best of luck!