Insert Line Segment Command

D_InsertLineSegment_600ppi   Insert Line Segment

Command Licensing and Default Menu Location

  • The Insert Line Segment command is part of the RPS Data Prep Toolbox
  • The command is located on the Data Prep macros menu ribbon
  • The command is located in the Create / Edit menu group

Command Description

A simple editing tool to add additional segments into an existing linestring. Simply click where you require additional nodes and the linestring selected updates by adding additional segments into the existing linestring.

Command Interface Description

The Insert Line Segment command dialog looks as follows

Select the linestring into which you want to insert additional line segments

Click where you want to add additional nodes into the existing line. The two end points of the existing line segment will be held fixed, and the new node will split the existing segment into two parts joined at the new node location.

If you want to enter an elevation for any node that you create, you can enter it here. If you wish all the nodes to have the same elevation, highlight the small arrow to the right end of the Elevation field by clicking on it (the button turns orange when it is made “sticky”)

Does not do anything today as the insertion of line segments happens automatically on each click

Closes the command without further execution.

Video Demonstration

The following video shows how to utilize the Insert Line Segment command

Use Case Videos

The following videos show the use of the Insert Line Segment command in a work process context

Feedback and Enhancement Requests

If you would like to provide feedback on the use of the Insert Line Segment command or to request enhancements or improvements to the command please Click Here