Incrementing text in object names

Is there a way to increment the names of linestrings in TBC? For example I have 100 linestrings that I want to name using a sequential number prefix (ie. 200_LS, 201_LS, 202_LS, and so on).

You can utilize the base command “Standardize” from the data prep tab. This requires a protected layer and will name them relative to the layer name - ie, layer name TBC all lines become TBC when moved from original layer to new layer. It doesn’t add sequence.

There is “Name by Layer” macro which gives some more freedom but i don’t think allows for sequential naming. Here is the help topic for the comand:

Name by Layer

and finally there is Name Objects(base command - CAD Tab) this will allow for incremental naming but not as a batch function.

For both base functions, press F1 to review the help topic - I think ‘Name Objects’ is what you want but will be some kind of time consuming if you are renaming large sets