Increment Text Help

So I’m processing a set of cross sections provided by DOT. None of the stationing nor the grid labels is text it is all polyline. So I’m using the Text Increment tool to place text. My question is this, is their a way to at the very least copy all of the offset grid labels at the bottom? All of those grid alignments didn’t change through all the sheets. I understand that the elevation labels would need to be placed as they are changing through the multiple ranges. Thanks in advance.

Create them on one sheet and then use copy to sheet to.
Copy them to the other sheets.

Or use the trick of setting the elevTion of the 0 offset grid to elevation =0 and the elevationnof a single elevation grid line to Elevation Xxx where X is the elevaton needed

Process as No Grid type and enter a Hz and Vt scale to scale the sections

While a bit of work it is not too arduous