Importing a Project Template into TBC

I have a project that was setup using the standard US Survey feet template and need to get the Takeoff template into the project. Is there a way to import that with all the layer styles and setup into a different project?


not sure if this is 100% the proper way. you could export the whole job to VLC project Link Export and then import that file into the correct templet.

Yep what Brandan said.

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I learned something yesterday!

Go to the layer manager in the project you have the proper layer manager saved and export them. Then go to the project you want them in and import them.

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I like both ways mentioned, if you have an extensive template with plan sets and other other pertinent items, do the .vcl but know you might need to standardize to get the OG and FD layers into categorize tabs, if it is just layers you are after do the export from the layer manager in the Takeoff template and import via layer manager into the US Survey foot project you have already drawn in, but know you might need to standardize to get the OG and FD layers into categorize tabs

For layers and layer groups you use TBC Layer Manager and export those into a .layer file that you can import into another project.

For drawing templates i select those and use rps copy to clipboard and rps paste

If you have all the data you can select all Nd rps copy and rps paste between your project and a new project started with the correct template


Thanks Guys. I used the VCL to export and reimport into the correct template file. Only thing I have to do is reimport my PDF files

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If you copy all of the PDF image files from the current projects folder to the new projects folder and then select all of the pdf pages from the imported files list and use RPS Copy RPS Paste that copies the references across to the new project then lose and reopen the project the pdf pages should automatically show up in the right place.

The references carry the location and scaling of the sheets as well as a reference to the file names - so provided the new project can find the files needed then they will auto sho up after you close and reopen the project


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