Import - Revit - Supported File Types

Any tricks to importing a Revit file from an engineer? Can TBC support rvt? D I need to convert this to IFC before import?

I’ve never been able to get a rvt file in. I always have to export it out of Revit to an IFC.

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That worked. The conversion to IFC took a while so I thought it was crash Revit.

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Yeah, they’re pretty painful to export. I usually just leave work and let it go over night.

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import rvt file into Trimble Connect Desktop, then you can download it as a TBR which goes directly into Business Center.

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That was something I tried but when I brought the trb file into TBC, it couldn’t be read. I will give this another try.

It should work, but it may reference it a 0,0,0 depented on how it was set up in Revit

Problem with TBR conversion is the amount of triangles you get, and you will have to use the RPS shell explode command to get anything useful,

Couple other options for file conversion,you could exploder

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