I need help getting the models and points to the field

Long story short the guy that uploads the models and points to the machines and equipment is in the hospital and we’re not sure when/if he’ll be back. He was the only one with access to Works Manager and etc…

I’m just the guy that builds the model and goes over the plans looking for conflicts and getting revisions from the engineers with my boss if need be.

I would pass the finished models over to the guy that’s out and he would handle all the calibration and field stuff.

Could someone point me to a good resource for exporting things out in the right format, prepping finished models, and any risks or need-to-knows so I can get our models and stakeout points to the guys in the field?

Thanks in advance!

What all are you trying to get files loaded on? There are different processes depending on what you are loading files onto

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From what I know they would load 4 files onto a USB and then plug it into the equipment. They would use the “Machine Job Site Exporter” option and apparently that generates the 4 file formats they need.

If I go through the prompts and select the surface they need and then for the design map option just select all the 2D images for the background and all the control points is that it?

For some access to your works account, reach out to your dealer - they more than likely have access to your account and can either add or inform to sign in.

GCS workflow begins in Export >Construction> Machine Job Site Design. You are looking for an SVD and SVL file. They populate in the TBC project folder. I will let someone else speak to Earthworks files.

Construction Data tab for all of your field controller needs. Smash F1 for Help. SCS workflow is the most straight forward. Works is, well, a little more work.



TBC Help is getting to where it is helpful, and it covers a lot of workflows step by step. There are also lots of great topics relating to export of field data right here: TBC - Field Data Work Processes - MyRockpile Community

If you are doing the surfacing/detailing, you will probably find that the field data is relatively easy…it’s just getting there :wink:


Earthworks Machine Files From Business Center 4.1.pdf (4.7 MB)

Heres a PDF for Earthworks
Was made for a much older version of TBC but all the commands are the same


Looks like Nate and Tyler have this one covered. :+1:

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Thank you guys very much!

in machine export, you have a few options for export. Most frequent will be surface. choose the surface you want exported, apply a clipping boundary if required (it will trim the surface to the selected closed boundary) and select any design feature/break lines you would like included. Note that lane guidance likes line work. I typically build corridors and export as such, including my exploded break lines in the design map. your design map should be limited to the linework you need for context and lane guidance. Don’t muddy it up like a data collector. This is specific to GCS. Your 4 files will be SVD,SVL,CFG,CAL…depending on the project set-up you may only get three…SVD,SVL,CAL

The file structure on the thumb drive is not arbitrary either. You will need to create a folder in the root of the drive: Machine Control Data. Inside of Machine Control Data is ALL. Inside of ALL is Geo Data and Designs. Inside of Geo Data, you will need the geoid used, if any. Inside of Designs you will create a design folder as you want it displayed for Selection, i.e. Road Surface, SG or Road Surface CSBC. Naming it Road Surface might not be enough…Once you have your design folder, copy and paste the export files. Machine Files can be placed in the ALL folder.

Structure looks like this D:\Machine Control Data\All\Designs\Road Surface-SG

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Awesome! Thank you so much!