I cannot log in to Trimble ID from Start Page or External Services - Profiles

This one came up yesterday and I thought I would capture it here for others having the same issue

The problem was that the user could not use the Sign In function for their Trimble ID Profile from either the Start Page Login or from External Services - Profiles - Trimble ID Profile. hen they tried to sign in nothing happened.

The solution to the problem is this. The Trimble ID system creates a cache folder on your computer at this path


You can reach the path by copying and pasting the above text into File Explorer. The path will likely display a Folder and beneath that many sub folders. Select the entire contents of the path and delete it. Then restart TBC and try to sign in again.

It appears that this cache can get corrupted in certain situations, so the solution is to delete the entire folder. This will have no affect on TBC operations whatsoever other than to enable the Trimble ID sign in procedure once more.

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