How To Report and Check Floor Flatness

In the video below we show how to compare measured points to a floor design for a building project to check for floor flatness / comparison to design.

The request was to compare measured points to design floor elevation on a 4x4 foot grid, and to produce color coded labeling showing the delta Zs between the points and the floor design grade, indicating In / Near and Out of tolerance values.

Video shows

  • Using Label Points command to label points with the Delta Z between Point and Design Floor Elevation and how to set up the color coding for the tolerance values.
  • How to lay out the survey results on an 11x17 drawing sheet
  • How to print the drawing sheet to PDF file for deliverables creation
  • How to create a surface from measured point data
  • How to create a 4x4 regular grid of points from the irregularly spaced measured points using the Surface to Grid command

Video Demonstration