How to import a CSV Points File into TBC

If you have a set of points Excel and you want to import them into TBC, you will need to save the file from Excel as a CSV file first. Once saved, you have to close the file because Excel puts a lock on the file which stops the TBC Import function from being able to read the contents of the file and match the file to an appropriate importer.

You will run the Import command and provided that you have an appropriate import script defined, it should be picked up automatically and displayed alongside the file name in the import dialog. If you do not have an appropriate script defined, you will need to define a new script, or edit an existing script in order to import the file.

The video below shows you how to

  • Set Up an import script for a simple P,N,E,Z,D file
  • Import a CSV file using the defined import script
  • How to show the Point IDs, Point Codes and Elevation values on the points in the plan view
  • How to join the points with simple linework using the connect points command. There are several other ways to join points together including Feature Code Processor, the RPS Linestring from Points command, the Connect Points command and simple manual drawing of lines that connect the dots.

The Video Shows You How

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