How to divide a line that has a tangent and arc

How do I divide my girder line into 10th points that has a tangent and arc on the same girder line?

Use the Divide Lines command in the CAD Menu as shown in the video below, that will divide a line into segments based on the number of points / segments. Remember that if you want 10 points that is 9 segments and each segment will be 1/9th of the total line length. If you want points at 10% increments that would be 10 segments and 11 points etc.

Video shows you how


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my go to know for beam profile spots. One I will add is, once you hit Apply. IF, you dont want you beam line to be broken do not click to unselect the line. right click or if you have a quick key command for joining lines. Join the lines before unselecting the lines . I do wish you could do both left and right offset at the same time. For me this is more to have an offset line to have incase you couldnt stake out you ten spot. also if you are into doing Surface you could create offset points. Even, if RPS create a Divide Line that included surface elevation and vertical delta. with an option to export to Excel.

You could also you the “create at interval” TBC command. This one you will need to be sure you beam line is on segment. if not, it will create extra nodes at your intervals and at end of each segment.


You can always make a copy of the line before you break it using this command.


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Alan I did the fillet command to join lines together but see like I am not doing that command correctly

What is not working right?

It worked this time :grinning: