How To Create Points At The Center Of C Type Piles

In this example we have a small solar farm project that has a C Type pile as shown in the picture below, and we need to create a Pile Plan from the data provided.

The Pile center for piling purposes is the point at the center of the long axis of the C in the middle of the steel. So how do we create the points for the piles and then build a Pile Plan from that set of points. In my example there is only one type of pile, however in the design there are at least 2x Cross Sectional Areas and I am not sure how many pile length variations to work with. You will need to separate the points into separate layers or selection sets in order to use the TBC Pile Plan functions to create the different pile types at the different point locations.

The video shows how to

  • Create the Points in the correct locations
  • How to elevate the points once they have been created (they will be 2D points until they are elevated.
  • Create a Pile Plan
  • Create Pile Definitions from the shapes provided
  • How to create piles on the provided points - note that the shapes provided have elevations so that should be the elevation of the points

Video shows you how.