How to create multiple circles from points


Is there a quick command to create multiple circles using points as the center of each circle?
Working on a solar farm and need to add a 3’ circle around each pile point so they can see clearance for the wire running between. I have roughly 122k circles to create and would rather do it in a quicker manner than just copying rows of circles and what not.


Im sure someone will chime in on this after my post. The only thing that pops to mind is the RPSMATRIXCOPY. Will get you close for now if nothing else comes up. I have only use it a few times and its been awhile.

Use the Place Aligned Blocks command - that allows you to place Blocks on Points. Make a block out of your circle and then use the Place Aligned Blocks to put the block on all the points. You can create a N-S line as your reference line - it makes no difference because the circles don’t really have an orientation. Check out the video in the Help doc for the command. That should do it for you I hope.

Save your project before starting and I would do it in sections rather than trying to do 122k points in one go - I have never tested it on that many points in one pass - if it doesn’t like that many points let me know as we may have to optimize the command - do a smaller number at each pass and see how that goes and increase if it works well - or try doing them all at once and if it doesn’t work then try with a smaller number.


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Thanks for the help Alan.

This helped a ton!