How to adjust HAL and not VAL

Is there a way to adjust a section of the HA and not impact the VA geometry? it looks like the VA chainages don’t automatically update so the VA is wrong after the HA adjustment.

With RPS. you can use the “edit as spreadsheet”. Give this a try and see if it can help out.

I think it depends on how you arrived at your vertical information. Generally if you use RPS edit as spreadsheet you can copy the data to excel to bring back in or apply formulas to adjust.

Hey Peter,

I would recommend using edit as spreadsheet as Francisco described. I am making an assumption here and can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the issue derives itself from the vertical being tied to the distance along the horizontal. (Aka stationing) and when the horizontal is changed the distance between is retained on the vertical. Long story short the spreadsheet should solve your issues.

Please let us know if you have any further problems on this matter,

while the HAL and VAL are seamlessly linked, they are 100% independent also - i changes to HAL do not modify the VAL and vice versa - however if you add in segments to the HAL the VAL is now linked to the new and updated stationing so if the HAL was wrong initially and you corrected it, but the VAL was right initially, after the edits you should be good to go. However if the VAL accurately matched the HAL pre edit and then you add in elements to the HGAL the VAL will now be too short and the elements will likely no longer match up.

You can easily make adjustments as the team has stated in Edit Alignment as a Spreadsheet and re import the data to update it - that is quicker than fumbling around in the editor trying to fix the data.