How Do I Find All Text in a Project Containing 0.0

This question came in last week and I thought I would capture it here

The request was to find all of the station labels in a CAD file that had the text values 0.0 in the text string i.e. the roads were labeled 0.0, 10.0, 20.0 … 1000.0 and the other text on the project for elevations had 96.371 type elevations. So the majority of the station text had 0.0 in each text string and the remainder of the text did not. The station text also follows the alignments so it is also easy to find text that has 0.0 but is not related to an alignment as a second pass at this.

The key is to use Advanced Select and find Multiline Text in the selected data and then find data with the property Text that equals a regular expression and then to use 0.0 as the expression. the \ is needed because the decimal point is a special character and the \ indicates to find the decimal point as a character in the text string.

This works well and fast


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