How can I change multiple point quality?

How can I change point quality for number of points once or it can only be done one a time?
Thanks for your help.

As far as I know Survey Quality can only be assigned to one point at a time - I have not found a way to change it on a selection of points - sorry I cannot help further


Thank you Alan for a quick reply,
I just found a topic that explains. Basically you sellect all point in the project explorer and by going the properties you can change it once.

How to Change the Quality of Multiple Points at Once.pdf (219.3 KB)

OK - thanks for that - I thought that I had done that before, but I tried that yesterday and it did not let me - you have to select the Office Entered (Grid) points for each point manually in the list and then you can change it - you also have to click the quality icon once to select it and then again to select the option you want.

If you select the top level point it will not let you change the quality at all.


Yes you are right Alan, it didn’t let me either and only allowed me on grid points which I had to do one by one agaiin. Thanks for support.