Help me understand surface trianlges

I created a corridor at 11’ wide. (revised roadway super). The PGL has two vertical curves and one super transitions. So, i could get see if densify would tighten up the surface it actually added breaklines at one of the super transition. Why would the surface densify add breaklines at the super? I am sure this is probably in the archive training, rather save some time and get a understanding in writing.

Hey Francisco,


As we take a look at the densification setting in the surface properties we can see that the user is able to define a tolerance and whether the VAL is included in the densification. This tolerance defines the limit for the arc to chord method. If VAL is set to yes then you will see densification occur not only for the horizontal geometry but also for the vertical I.E. your super transitions. If you turn this to no then densification will ignore the VAL geometry. However the corridor surface will still drop templates at the specified intervals with additional key stations such as PC, PT, stations called out in tables, etc.

I hope this explanation was helpful


I just tried the No to include the val with no affect to the surface. Wait… Somehow i type in 0.01’ for the tolerance instead of .10.
thanks for the feedback. It made me see what I did wrong