Hardware - Monitor Recommendations

Looking for an at home monitor. Any recommendations? Is there any value in getting a monitor that supports G SYnc (I have an Nvidia Graphics card). From the research I have done it sounds like maybe not.


Only if you game on your computer.


In my opinion this is one time when you can take quantity over quality. I don’t want junk, but a 21-23 inch monitor with standard HD and 60 Hz seems perfect. If a line node shows up on the monitor 1/60th of a second late I’m not going to get shot by a 14 year old in Sweden. And it really seems like TBC is not yet tailored to running on 4k. Then take the saved money and buy a few extra monitors. I’ve been using Acer H236HL monitors for 4 or 5 years now with no problems at all.


I decided to give this a try:https://www.amazon.com/LG-27QN880-B-2560x1440-Compatibility-Connectivity/dp/B089NJLJ2Q

I like the built in stand it comes with to get back desk space and flexibility.

Yea 4K can be hit or miss throughout TBC.

Still waiting on touchscreen support…

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4k would be waste of money unless you plan on using it for watching movies as well, not to mention 4k will put extra load on your graphics card which would be bad if its already working hard. 1080p to 1440p you may notice the difference with it being a bit crisper and not hugely expensive, 1440p to 4k you will struggle to see the difference but will notice your wallet being a lot lighter.

G-sync is a waste unless youre playing games and need lightning refresh rates and attracts a price premium over non G-sync.

Can i temp you into upgrading to 34 inch (equivalent to 2x23inch montiors) for sheer real estate over 23/24/27 inch montiors as it works really well with TBC with its menus/toolbars on each side? Also amazing for alignment and corridor work. Very good for presenting data on the screen to multiple clients/engineers. Can split screen as well if using outlook/excel/word.

If you are rich and want to show off go a 49inch ultrawide for even more real estate (equivalent to 2x27inch monitors) or newer on the market is 43inch which is more like a TV but has the TV tuner etc stripped off and gaming must haves added on (1ms response/UHD/g-sync) but attracts the price premium.

This is what i am using im using personally for work and rate it very highly for quality and features, engineers salivate over it and jump on it when im not around. Final note to add though is i have started using a 23inch as a side screen to display outlook/PDF files for drawings etc while using TBC on big screen to maxmise TBC real estate on big screen.


Toyed with the idea of a 32 or 34 inch but almost find them too big. I run dual 24 inch at work and that is pretty decent, figured 27 would give a little more space. We have some people in our office that run 32 inch and it is nice real estate wise but easy to lose a mouse and can lead to more back and forth on the screen.

Worse case I can run the 27 for minute and exchange for a bigger screen if I hate it. I honestly don’t mind my 17 in laptop but find some of the menus are too big (especially with the vertical space) and by the time you resize, you cut down dramatically on you plan view space.

Thanks for the input guys!

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I’ve been on a 34" Ultrawide for ~7 years at home and @ work. I’ll never go back. @ work I have a 4k 34" ultra and a 4k 34" regular for plans, 17" laptop for emails. It makes life so much easier.
Once you go ultrawide you’ll never go back!