Grid Volumes by Boundary. How can you specify each grid location on Excel and actual cut/fill quants on plan for each grid?

How can you add automatic grid identical location on spreadsheet for cut and fill activities Grid Volumes by Boundary?

My last project I used an Excel tracker for earthworks muck shifting which was very important to record where it comes and went to. I worked all this by manual but watched the Grid Volumes by Boundary @
YouTube channel Rockpile Solutions: TBC Help - Grid Volumes By Boundary - YouTube
I found the tools very useful but the location was not clear to me. You said a text command can be added easly which I would like to see in action please.

  1. How can you specify the exact identical location on spreadsheet please.
  2. How can you show the actuall cut/fill quants on plan, middle of each grids please?
    I used daily/weekly survey and was very important to update the changes. Thank you for a good work and for demonstrations.

The grid volumes typically come off a zero zero coordinate and intervals from there ie if you do a 50’ grid then they would be grid squares like 0,0 to 50,50 etc.

You can draw one grid square at a 50 50 interval in lower left corner of site and then use matrix copy to copy the grid over the entire site.

The grid volumes by boundary - you can select the grid squares as boundaries and they will all report in Excel

The grid squares if named would report by name in the excel report

You can label the grid squares using smart text at their centroid or by using the label polygons in area tables command.

We can automate this using the Grid volume by boundary command and add additional functions to create a Grid, name the grids, enter a grid interval for X and Y or for station and offset for alignments or define a table of from and to stations and left and right offsets, and then compute the grid volumes using the boundaries and then label at centroid of grid and create a table of results and generate an excel report

These will be done in the next update to the command over the coming months


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Great Terramodel function we used to use a lot for earthwork plans for the earthwork superintendants to plan machinery requirements and mass haul.

+1 support for adding the smart text in each box with quants in next update.

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