Graphical glitch using TML's

Over the last few weeks when I’m using a TML the graphics within that TML either disappear or become super pixelated/unreadable. When I hover over a check box or selection box it usually comes back like normal. But when I hover past one it usually disappears or goes glitch again. This used to happen awhile ago randomly. Seemed to be good since. But I’ve seen it multiple times in the last few weeks. Even happens in TML Status as well. I have attached a screenshot.

TBC: 5.52.7888.18164
TML Status: 4.12

Are you running an Alienware computer?

If yes there is an Alienware software application called Alienware Command Center that really screws with the technology used to build the more modern dialogs in TMLs and also in tools like Vertical Designer in TBC. If you disable that tool / uninstall it I think you will find the problem goes away.

This is not a TML or TBC problem - it is 100% caused by some other software that is interfering incorrectly with your computers operation.

Let me know if this helps.

Disabling the Alienware Command Center program does not affect the performance of your PC

The other person that had a similar issue had to deinstall all their Graphics Drivers and then reinstall them to eliminate the problem



Nice find! I am using a Dell G7 laptop. It does have Alienware installed on it. With deinstalling the graphics drivers and reinstalling them, did he also remove the Alienware software?


Hi Tysen,
I am running a G7 as well and scrapped all the Alienware software. Once you uninstall and completely remove the command center and components, reinstall a clean set of NVidia drivers through “GeForce Experience”. This will eliminate the need for the Alienware controller and get your drivers and system back on track.


I would agree with Andy, it is better to use the manufacture’s drivers (Nivida) rather than a 3rd party’s (Alienware)

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