Georeferencing Many PDF Sheets

Alan’s post last week about georeferencing PDF sheets inspired an idea to help improve georeferencing sets of many plan sheets. For example, my current project general plan set consists of 96 plan sheets. It takes me about 8 hours to get all 96 plan sheets imported and trimmed. But then there is another set of 96 sheets for landscape plans, and another 96 for utility plans, and another set of 96 sheets for each of 10 construction phases, not to mention revision sets. I’ve noticed that it is fairly common for the designer to use the same sheet orientations and dynaview locations for each set of plans. It seems to me that once one set of plans has been imported and referenced it should be possible to automate the georeferencing and trimming of additional plan sets by applying the same clipping boundary and placing the corresponding sheets in the same georeferenced location. It would probably need to be up to the user to ensure that the pdf file of 96 general plan sheets is in the same order as the pdf file for the 96 phase 1 plan sheets, etc. but that would be a very small price to pay for the time saved. With one caveat being that sometimes a plan set may not contain all the 96 sheets, if for example phase 2B was small and only had 7 sheets associated with it, however those 7 sheets are still the same location as general plan sheets 11-17 then in the automated georeference there could be a sheet offset to say the set I’m importing now starts with sheet 11 instead of 1.


Agree that this could be automated more Wayne for sure.


I’ll tell you what since I like you so much you can have the idea for free and you don’t even need to mention me in the credits.

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here is my goto for the reference station along the alignment. this way you dont have to scroll from the PDF to the alignment.

here is a great way to draw borders and reuse for multiple PDF. this also recognizes distance and move stations as this border uses the alignment and the stations along with a certain width left and right. for this use the Linestring > Boundary. this crops the sheets to the matchline (stations)

Then you will need to goto the project explorer > right click on any of the images from the import files >click on add image boundaries. just click on the page number box and for the clipping boundary click on the associated boundary

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