Georeferencing 5 Sheets Together for a Takeoff

In this video we show how to bring together 5 sheets for a Site Takeoff Project.

The process shows

  • Importing the PDF Pages
  • Scaling, cropping and Placing Sheet 1
  • Georeferencing Sheet 2 to Sheet 1
  • Georeferencing Sheet 3 to Sheets 1 & 2
  • Georeferencing Sheet 4 to Sheet 2 & 3
  • Georeferencing Sheet 5 to Sheet 4
  • Creating Image Boundary Lines
  • Recropping the 5 images to the match lines

The video also shows how to use two plan views for easier referencing of the sheet being georeferenced to the sheets that have already been referenced.

The video also shows how to use a simple polyline to georeference the first sheet where no scale bar is available

This process could be simplified if the PDF Plan Set has an Overview sheet showing details that are in the Grading Plans - that way you can place and scale the overview sheet and then georeference the 5 sheets to the overview sheet - that would make finding common points easier for the georeferencing (because there is limited overlap in these sheets) and it would allow the selection of common points that are further apart which could increase the accuracy of the georeferencing a little more.

Hope the video is useful