Georeferenced PDF loosing registration

I am loosing the “registration” on the referenced pdf’s I have imported. Or at least they will not display. I can jump back into them from the project explorer and run the geo pdf command to re-register, as all of the data populates. Any idea what is causing this and how I can remedy? It almost acts like a memory issue with rendering as I seem to see this more in the projects of significant file size. Its a right aggravation if there are a significant number pages to re-register.

Do you have Dropbox or Box or something trying to Sync the files in Background - if yes - disable the sync while using TBC - those programs put locks on the files while they are synching them and that interferes with TBC using its files. That could be the issue (that is the culprit most times we hear these types of issue)


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oneDrive does backup my projects folder - I will give that a try. Its odd its inconsistent. damn clouds.