Geometric Selection Based on Left or Right side, distance from an alignment

The Geometric Selection tool is great. I’m wondering if there would be a way to filter selections down based on a distance, or side, of a specified alignment? Say if I wanted to select all of the linework on one side of a road and relayer or rename them into side specific group.

this may not be what your after. It is a tool to create a polygon and have the ability to use an alignment to create that polygon from station to station and whichever offset. then you can do a Advance Select by polygon


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Thanks Frank. That helps in more ways than one. It will also be a timesaver over the method I was using to set up phasing AOI’s on the left and right side of a corridor.

honestly, I dont see many people using these command. Very helpful when I bring in my roadway PDF.

I think that there are a nimber of additional selection methods that could be deployed that. Ould be helpful

Select by name / name filter maybe select similar does this
Select by layer (already exists)
Select by boundary (already exists)
Select by Elevation / elevation range (alrrady exists)
Select by station and offset ranges or near line - would need inside, outside and crossing options i guess
Select by crossing line (pick a line or draw a line and all lines that cross it get selected
Geometric selection - already exists
Selecy by color (select simar exists)
Select by lineweight or matxhing properties (this is select similar i guess)
Select by selection set

Any others ?