Geoid not found

I have had on multiple occasions a message stating that the Geoid was not found in Siteworks. I have never found a work around. I make sure the geoids are in the GeoData folder. Also, these are jobs that have been opened previously within a week or to. It just happens randomly and I cannot find any information on it. Can anyone give any insight? Thanks

Hey Harry,

The geoid is a ggf file that is referenced by Siteworks and must be contained in the correct file path for the software to locate it. The geoid ggf files should be saved into your Trimble GeoData Folder as seen below:

If your data collector does not have this file then you may create it with the exact name that you see in the picture, and place the ggf file for the desired geoid inside that folder. If you have TBC installed on your PC you will have access to these ggf files and can be found by doing a search of .ggf within your file explorer.

An easy way to avoid this issue is to create your Sitework files in TBC and then move them to your data collector. If you need assistance with this process please let me know and I will record a video for you.