Flipping a Set Of Sections for a Colorado Road Improvement Scheme

In the video below we show how to setup and convert a set of Existing, Finished Grade and Subgrade surface sections for a road scheme in Colorado in 45 mins - including the editing of the 3D model and the building of a corridor for the volume analysis.

The video showcases the following commands

  • Import PDF Sections into Sheet View
  • Relayer command to select and relayer PDF vector data to CAD Section layers
  • Track Cross Section to create the Subgrade Surface
  • Create Stored Sections from CAD (in this case it was PDF data)
  • Build Takeoff Surfaces
  • Nudge to fix subgrade surface flags
  • Create Surface
  • Create Corridor

The video shows you how to work around the fact that the text imported from the PDF file is all polylines and there are no text items for Station Labels, Offset Labels or Elevation Labels.