Flipping a set of Alaska DOT Cross Sections

Here is an example set of Sections from Alaska DOT - and how to convert them to a 3D model in TBC

In this example - all of the section data is on one layer in the PDF file (Grids, Labels, Finished Grade, Subgrade, Existing Grade and the text is all polyline text so useless. We process these using the No Grid method but the time this one will take is all down to how much you want to separate the linework etc. for the benefit of the modeling process.

Despite this I estimate that it would take ~3-4 hours to prep the data for conversion to 3D using the RPS Tools and then you have the modeling effort after that. Much quicker than Digitizing the Sections which for 85 sheets would take a couple of days to do FG, OF and SG surfaces I would think.

If the data was better layered, and if the text was real text, this would take a fraction of the time to convert to 3D.

Video shows the methods to use

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