Flip cross sections on a alignment with negative stationing

Hello everyone I’ve got a main alignment running from station negative 650m to a positive 2100 and trying to flip cross sections on the negative side of the alignment didn’t work. TBC picks up the stationing as a positive value so the flipping works but not on the right stationing. The workaround is to flip and then manually put in the right/negative station but it’s a pain because I can only do one station at a time.
Anyone else had this dilemma?
Seems like an improvement is needed to get TBC to recognize the negative sign before the stationing text.

I don’t think I have ever seen an alignment with negative station- only in Sweden - knew I could rely on you Joe to find something like that.

I will report it in - you could change the stationing of the alignment and the station labels to make them positive - flip the sections and then change the stationing of the alignment - or make a copy alignment and change the stationing for the flip process.

Not ideal I know


You could try creating the alignment from 0 to -650 as a new alignment with positive stations and then convert just the sections from-650 to 0

Depends on whether the alignment has spiral geometry at or around the 0 station point.

Again not ideal but …


Hey @alan.sharp you know I don’t disappoint with the tricky stuff, just don’t know why it keeps happening to me though haha.
I’ve solved it for this project but thought I’d raise the issue so it gets fixed in TBC.

Thanks as always for the great tips!

I’m working on DOT project right now that has negative to positive stationing, I just entered horizontal offsets in the opposite direction and everything seemed to work out okay.