Fixing RPS Settings Registry Location

If you encounter a situation where you were storing your RPS Settings file on a drive that no longer exists or is accessible like a network drive or external drive. You can follow these steps to correct the issue.

The issue arises from a registry key that is pointing to the original file’s path. When this path is no longer available, errors will be encountered and commands may not function.

To fix the issue we need to remove the old registry key. In order to do this you will need admin privilege’s on your machine.

First make sure TBC is closed, and open the command pane. This can be done by typing cmd into your search bar on your start menu.

type the following into the command pane : reg delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RockpileSolutions (This should all be one line)

Press Enter, you will be asked to confirm or cancel

To confirm type yes.

Launch TBC and give your system roughly 30secs or so. You may then test the fix by opening RPS Settings. A new registry key should be created automatically when you launch TBC.

Additionally you could instead open the registry editor and navitgate to the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RockpileSolutions

There will be a key called SettingsFolder, you can right click to modify this to a chosen path. (You will need admin privileges for this as well)

If these steps do not work for you please contact support for more assistance.

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This is useful if your RPS settings window is coming up blank