Fixing Load and Dump Counts

New to RPS Tracker this week (Aug 25 2023) is the ability to fix Load and Dump counts if they are incorrect for some reason. We recommend that you review each day of activity using the Equipment Snapshot, or you review the start of day activity if you are making changes to Locations or Routes to make sure that you implemented all the changes correctly. However no matter how diligent you are, it is possible to set things up wrong and make a mistake that can lead to missing loads and dumps.

This morning one of our users changed the location that they planned to dump in and on setting up the Route for the machines, they set a Manual Load and Manual Dump button only and as a result, the operators (who are used to working Auto Load and Auto Dump) were not pressing the Load and Dump event buttons and so loads and dumps were missed for a couple of hours at the start of the day.

So how to fix the data - the video below shows how to review the days activity - we have track plots and Entry / Exit Events just no Load / Dump Events - so we can analyze that information to see what we are missing and then correct it in the database so that Our Load and Dump volumes for the day will be corrected. If we want to be more precise we can determine approximately what Time each Dump or Load Event happened and we can fix the Load and Dump\ events at precise times and precise locations. We continue to work on this process and have ideas for more improvements to this work process to make this a fast and easy thing to rectify for each machine affected.

Video shows the current process to fix the missing Load and Dump events.