Features to Polygon command

Is it possible to have a command that could split and name polygon boundaries?

Then assign volume attributes to each polygon

Each polygon with attributes is then exported to a gis format?
(this would shorter the gis data process)

I will upload an example of the GIS website shortly once finished, we are currently using this process as sharing tool & progressing tool?

Does the polygon need to have the random daylight line shape? The create boundary creates the boundaries using station and offset but it is constant offset left and right

You can use Xlines plus daylights and then use track region to create the polygons but would have to name them manually and then the attributes would also have to be added manually unless you are thinking that this would be done by a calculation of volumes and areas based on the polygons and have the results added as attributes which is of course possible.

What is the output form - would KML / KMZ work as we need to do some Google Earth output work anyway so maybe this could be tied into that,

When you say progressing - you want to add the progress volume data into the attributes in TBC and republish or is that something you just want to add into the GIS.

Which GIS are you using?


We are exporting to ArcGIS and using this as a project-wide dashboard for volumes.

Typically we run the corridor report and add the station volume report.

Currently, we are splitting the polyline using a feature to polygon command in ArcGIS, and attaching the volume attributes to each section in ArcGIS which is linked to SharePoint.

Example site below, we have not added the earthwork volume yet

URL: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/ce42999ebaa2446dbbc96645c6cc1a5c/page/home/

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Username: InfrastructureProject